It’s 75 years since fighting in the Pacific finished and 75 years since the official end of World War II. The veteran servicemen and women’s numbers are dwindling as age finally wearies them and Afterglow was commissioned to conduct the majority of the 75 interviews to document veterans’ military and personal battles. The stories are extraordinary, even when they’re not about direct conflict. In fact, many of the vets’ accounts are about the day-to-day issues of answering your country’s call to arms: the heavy uniforms, the training, dealing with health issues in the wilds of Papua New Guinea, the slow anticipation of shipping to unheard-of places, being away from your family, the loss of those close to you, living at close quarters with other soldiers, maintaining operational secrecy, etc. For many women there was the allure of unprecedented opportunities to learn skills and gain expertise that wouldn’t be possible in peacetime but knowing it won’t last, and being in work units with other women who felt exactly the same way. There was also the humour that overlay these powerful flickering memories. These stories were shared with us in a spirit of collective resolve that all these crises, the world war, the Covid pandemic, will pass and that it’s only together our communities are able to survive. The text and video stories were finalised and posted to the NSW Office of Veterans Affairs website here.