A cut-rate home insulator who advertised his services in local newspapers as Mr Fluffy had no shortage of business in the 60s and 70s in Canberra . Temperatures regularly drop to below-zero in winter while Canberrans bake in over 30 degree summer heat. Dirk Jansen was friendly, he was quick and he was cheap. But he was also installing deadly loose-fill asbestos and blowing it into roof cavities so that it was free to float around and infest the kitchen cabinets, carpets and furnishings of family homes for years to come.  Afterglow has produced a 20 minute documentary to be screened at the Canberra Museum and Art Gallery. It narrates the fall-out from the scheme that infested over a thousand Canberra homes and continues to pose a serious health threat to the 30,000 people who had contact with those houses.