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children with sticks as guns

Arms Treaty Campaign

Through thought-provoking messaging like this video and sustained campaigning, Amnesty International succeeded in pressuring arms-trading nations to agree to a global arms treaty.
Asian family in their shop

Human Rights Education

The human rights coalition, APF, commissioned Afterglow to provide the video elements of the organisation's comprehensive training resources.
Old4New lifejacket swap program

Old4New Lifejackets

NSW Maritime commissioned Afterglow to make this short video promoting the Old4New Lifejacket Van which tours NSW offering well-priced ultra-comfortable lifejackets.
Amnesty International Filipino flash mob

Philippines Stop Torture Campaign

A video message from Australian Filipinos to friends and family back home about the unacceptable practice of torture among Filipino police and other authorities.
Tow Safe wakeboarding safety video still

Tow Safe

A short action-packed video commissioned by the RMS to provide some essential safety information to waterskiiers and wakeboarders.
Rowers on Sydney waterway

Row Safe

NSW Maritime commissioned Afterglow to set the alarm for 3am to capture the action for this short video on safety practices on the water.
Young men discuss recovering from gambling addiction

Beating the Odds

An interview-based profile about Liam a man in his twenties who suffered from a gambling addiction that began in his early teens, and how he sought help to turn things around.
Solar technicians

Our Solar Future

Our Solar Future is a local government initiative to guide residents through selecting and installing renewable energy systems from solar power to solar hot water.