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Afterglow makes film and video to order

Documentaries, narrative films, training and educational films, television commercials and promotional videos.
Afterglow has produced films on public health, community issues, safety and human rights. We believe we can help make a positive difference to the world and that drives all of our work.

Featured Videos

Old4New lifejacket swap program

Old4New Lifejackets

NSW Maritime commissioned Afterglow to make this short video promoting the Old4New Lifejacket Van which tours NSW offering well-priced ultra-comfortable lifejackets.
Solar technicians

Our Solar Future

Our Solar Future is a local government initiative to guide residents through selecting and installing renewable energy systems from solar power to solar hot water.
Asian family in their shop

Human Rights Education

The human rights coalition, APF, commissioned Afterglow to provide the video elements of the organisation's comprehensive training resources.