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prosthetic surgery

From Iraqi refugee to pioneering surgeon

Iraqi surgeon, Dr Munjed Al Muderis, spent 10 months in refugee detention. He now performs innovative osseointegration surgery enabling amputees to walk again.
robot bartender

A robot walks into a bar

A bartender robot mixes drinks at a faculty party at Sydney Uni. Robotics and digital fabrication are providing endless creative possibilities for architects and designers.
sight-impaired kids on trapeze

Sight-impaired kids on flying trapeze

Blind and visually-impaired children improve their gross motor skills at a circus workshop organised by the Guide Dogs.
Lakemba rally against terrorism raids

Lakemba rally

In the aftermath of heavy-handed raids on terrorism suspects, Australian muslims rallied in Lakemba to highlight the potential threat to civil liberties
lion handler Mohammed Jratlous and lioness

Exotic circus animals

The sixth-generation Lennon Bros Circus is one of the last remaining circuses to feature big cats.
Indian homeless mens union

Indian Homeless Victory

An inspiring story of Ashok Pandey and his successful campaign for regional governments across India to build shelter for more than one million homeless.
Robert Flood from Millers Point

Millers Point

Robert Flood is one long-term resident of Millers Point who was forced to leave the area when Housing NSW began selling off the historic properties. This interview is one of a series that featured on the Sydney Morning Herald website.